Long Story, Short is a comedy-drama web series that follows three young women as they go through a catalogue of drunken exploits, experience triumphs and failures and come to terms with the shifting nature of love and relationships in their early twenties.

Created by actress Katie Boland and director Gail Harvey, Boland wrote the series based on her own life and relationship experiences. Boland was interested in exploring a period in her life she refers to as “the summer I lost my mind”, when her days were aimless and she having too much fun. She was twenty and heartbroken and for the first time not sure what to do with herself, and to a greater degree, her life. She realized quickly that many other twenty-somethings had experienced a similar period of aimlessness that was collectively the best and worst times of their lives. Sure, everything was a mess, but what did they have to lose? And without a rigid sense of purpose, what was to be gained? From these questions, Long Story, Short was born.

Produced with the participation of the Independent Production Fund and distributed by Shaftsbury/Smokebomb, Long Story, Short will make it’s debut on … on Koldkast.tv, the first and leading international discovery network for original television series on the web.

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