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Long Story, Short finds audiences on the move

The audience is on the web, and so are we

Check out another great article on Long Story, Short that was in the Toronto Star over the weekend! Bill Brioux‘s names Long Story, Short as one of the new Canadian series that’s finding it’s home is on the web. He even got Katie to spill why she choose to put the series online instead of going the traditional route.

“I thought the web was interesting,” says Boland, “because there were fewer restrictions. Without a broadcaster, we could do what we wanted, essentially, and also more apt because none of my friends own a TV.”

And it’s 100% true, we’re loving being on the web, bringing the show directly to you guys!

We’re so thankful for all the instant feedback we’ve gotten on the first episodes and can’t wait to hear more from you as the series continues! Drop us a comment here, or on our twitter @LSStheseries.

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    What a beautiful lttile girl! And your tribute was so sweet. Now I can go on to bed with happy thoughts in my head (I was reading a scary book!). Have a wonderful time with the birthday celebrations. Loved it when my kids were four. The sweetest time .

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