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Diary Entry: Seeing Things The Same Way

An excerpt from Katie Boland’s diary from the summer she lost her mind.

I rarely feel like myself around him. I alternate between believing that that’s because I’ve never dated anyone that makes me nervous before, and because I’m not ready to love someone else. Since we’ve started seeing each other I don’t eat much and I can’t sleep solidly.

Maybe this is what love is.

Maybe this is heartbreak.

One night, we were walking to one his concerts, not speaking. I’d like to say our silences are comfortable, but they are not, not for me.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“That I can’t see. I only have one contact in.”

“I have extra contacts in my purse.”

“What’s your prescription?”

“-1.75 in my left eye and -3.50 in my right.”

“No way.”


“That’s mine.”

I took that to mean we see things the same way.

Diary Entry, real excerpts from Katie Boland‘s diary are a regular feature on this site.  You can find more here.

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