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Can I please just say I am so excited that you are here and that the art I made from general life anxiety and bad sex is finally getting out into the world??

Let’s back track. There is a period in my life that I refer to as the summer I lost my mind and it is from that period that Long Story, Short was born.

I was twenty and I was heartbroken for the first time. I was also not working as an actress for the first time. So, I filled my days glued to my girlfriends, chasing men and getting drunk.

Girlfriends, chasing men and getting drunk

Consequently, Long Story, Short is a lot about relationships between men and women, coming to terms with who you are, but more, who you want to be.

Out of curiosity, and maybe because I wanted to know how much I had really changed, I wanted to explore the summer I lost my mind again. I wanted to get to know the girl I used to be, the one I lost to time and experience, to uneven endings and to what came next.

I’ll be honest, reliving the summer I lost my mind and shooting Long Story, Short was the best time I’ve had in a long time.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!  (I hope you like it.) Never hesitate to reach out to me in the comments or on Twitter (@katieboland).

Katie xxx

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Katie Boland wrote, produced and stars in Long Story, Short a web series about the summer she lost her mind.

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