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Diary Entry: Alice’s Birthday

An excerpt from Katie Boland’s diary from the summer she lost her mind.

Later that night was Alice’s birthday.

It was swelteringly hot. I spent the remainder of the day showering Scott off my skin, and trying to sleep my hangover away.  Neither worked.

As I got on the streetcar to Alice’s I remember feeling different than I ever had before. I wondered if changes happened slowly but then one day stop, having become complete. I thought that maybe that day was the day where there was no going back. As I walked up her steps, I was pretty sure the change had been absolute; that I had lost my mind for good.

I remember the party being fun. But everything was fun all the time, so it felt uneventful. Fun had become the background for the anxious ticker-tape that was always going in my mind. I decided that routine, no matter how unusual it was, always felt routine. I couldn’t escape monotony.

When you kill time it dies hard.

I wouldn’t come to regret seeing Scott until two weeks later when he stopped returning my calls. But that was in keeping with that time in my life. I lived wholly in a surreal place, existing somewhere between now and then. Nothing I did really felt like something I would do. There was some other person controlling my body, my brain, my mouth. I was taking a vacation and I only dealt with how I was behaving in the brief periods where the real me floated back to the surface. And I tried, really hard, to keep that real me at bay.

I don’t blame myself.  I can be a real buzz kill.

Diary Entry, real excerpts from Katie Boland‘s diary are a regular feature on this site.  You can find more here.

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Katie Boland wrote, produced and stars in Long Story, Short a web series about the summer she lost her mind.

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