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Andrew is played by Adam Butcher.

Andrew is Kristen’s long-time high school boyfriend. He is dependable, loving, and uncomplicated. Although they had a mature and deep love, Kristen often broke up with Andrew, itching for more excitement.

Andrew knows how much Kristen now regrets leaving him, but he made a promise to himself that their last break-up would actually be the last. Andrew is trying with all his might to make his relationship with his new girlfriend work. The problem is (although he will never admit it), it’s harder than he thought.


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Katie Boland wrote, produced and stars in Long Story, Short a web series about the summer she lost her mind.

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  1. Cooler says:

    I love that you used fire to go with this verse!! For me personally, I feel that thourghout my life I’ve had a spark here and there for Christ, but since we found our church home last January those sparks have been built into a bonfire of passion for our Lord! He is most definitely a pillar of fire that lights the way.And thank you for your incredibly sweet comments!!!

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