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Carson is played by Tommie-Amber Pirie.

Growing up in the same affluent neighborhood as Kristen and Lucy, Carson had always complained she felt suffocated by the Beaches. The moment high school ended, she ran away to London. Eventually, Carson decided she wasn’t destined for a British welfare lifestyle and deserved more. She’s just not exactly sure what “more” means.

Still involved in a long-distance relationship with a Londoner punk overseas who goes by the name “Mark Rebel,” Carson frequently promotes non-traditional views on love, sex and society. She’s not as promiscuous as the Kristen and Lucy, but she loves to party.

Carson is the most cynical, but also the most honest of the group. While Kristen and Lucy are liable to tell a few white lies to protect a friend’s feelings, Carson considers it her duty to point out their bad decisions.

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Katie Boland wrote, produced and stars in Long Story, Short a web series about the summer she lost her mind.

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